I know Mark Mason from Trophy Blend Scent Company personally, and there is one thing I will tell you, he is a perfectionist when it comes to getting the right olfactory blends!  For example, there is only one type of sagebrush extract that Mark will use to make his Sage Cover Scent, and it is extremely expensive for him to get.  He makes almost no money on it, but he includes it in his line, so he can have the best of the best!

I started using Trophy Blend Scents in 2010, and the results have been remarkable for me.  I have had many deer in swirling winds, within a stone’s throw, but they are so confused by the rich odor of Trophy blend, that they refuse to bug out.

I had a record class buck on my own property that I caught on my Trophy Cam one morning.  He was obviously moving on through my property at a rapid rate, due to the blurriness of his profile.  Three seconds later, he had come to a dead halt, to sniff the Trophy Blend Muley Herd Blend stick, that I had mounted on an arrow, and stuck in the ground!  If I were in my stand, he would have provided me with a perfect 10 yard broadside shot!

Trophy Blend also makes cover scents, deodorants, and a great wind detector that I never leave the house without.  Check them out at Trophyblenddeerscents.com

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