As you can see from the above video, when Peterson Outdoor Ministries sponsors a hunt, they go out of their way to make sure it is an awesome experience, and every need of the hunter is met beyond expectation.

Tron Peterson founded Peterson Outdoor Ministries in 2006, with a mission of bringing quality outdoor experiences to children and adults with disablities, and with a focus on providing high quality hunts for disabled military veterans.


Tron Peterson (far right) provides direction during a wounded warrior hunt


Tron is a published outdoor writer/photographer, and is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA).  I was fortunate to meet Tron at the POMA Conference several weeks ago in Tunica, Mississippi, and I can honestly say I could feel the presence of the Lord shining through him.  I was greatly impressed with his description of his Ministries, and gladly offered a small Product donation of a SLIP System to help with some of his disabled hunts this Season.  To my surprise, Tron later handed me a hand written card thanking me for my donation, and my Military service;  it is the first time I have ever received such a gift in exchange for donation.  Tron is the genuine article, a mighty man of God, doing his work in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Peterson Outdoor Ministries also provides an annual hunt for Military Chaplains; these often unsung heroes are brought together for a great time of hunting, outdoor activites, and fellowship in the Lord.

Peterson Outdoor Ministries provide hunts all over the U.S. and Canada, with the next scheduled event being the Wounded Warrior Fishing & Hunting trip to Thunder Bay in Ontario, Canada in mid September.  You can see the schedule of events, testimonials, photo gallery, and more at the Peterson Outdoor Ministries website.

Donations to this quality Ministry can be made on the Peterson Outdoors website, or by clicking the link below:





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