Getting your bull on the ground on an archery hunt is a time for celebration!  Now, the work begins.  But, it doesn’t have to be hours and hours of hacking and sawing.  There are some quick, easy methods to get the job done, even if you are hunting alone.

This is a great demo, showing exactly where you need to make your cuts when skinning and caping a Trophy Bull.  Having the extra cape will make your Taxidermist happy,  it is always better to leave a little extra.  Once the cape is clear of the body, and wrapped up around the head, you can begin to remove the front quarters, they will come loose quite easily.

Getting the knee joint in just the right spot is critical, and the video details that process quite clearly.  I have personally never used a hatchet or saw on an elk, just my trusty Cutco knife!

You can also use the tip of your knife to split the pelvis above the rectum, drive it in with the heel of your hand, until you feel the legs separate.

Be sure to bag your quarters when you remove them, to keep flies from laying eggs in your meat.  I use 4 pair of ladies panty hose for that purpose, they are very light and compact, and 4 pair will do an entire elk,  cutting off one leg on each pair for a loin bag, and using the remainder for each quarter.

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