This weekend, I learned a lot.  I already knew my 12 year old Son, William, was an amazing young person.  But, I had no idea how amazing.

Since I had already had a chance this Summer to share a scouting trip with my Daughter, Hollianne, I made it a point to share an outdoor adventure with my Son.  I had promised to take him to a very special place I had visited when I was his age, and coming through with that promise turned out to be a very rewarding experience for me.

Fortunately, some of the places I had been preparing for my Archery Mule Deer Hunt were on the way to our destination.  So, we did a good days’ work preparing tree stands, and setting trail cameras, and we were rewarded with some spectacular scenery, and a beautiful starlit night, highlighted by beautiful tracers from  the increased meteor shower activity of Mid-Summer.

My Son, unlike my Daughter, is not into Archery hunting.  I have accepted that.  But, he does like guns, knives, and other things.  We shared an amazing duck and goose hunt this Winter, it was one of the best times of my life.  He is very fired up about taking his first buck this Season with a rifle, so, after our night out in the Wilderness, our first order of business was to sight in his deer rifle.

Using the SLIP System with the Moo Cow Decoy prototype, William managed to perform amazingly well, and we got the scope dialed in nearly perfectly.  I learned that my Son has a very steady hand and a good eye when it comes to marksmanship, and he was very proud of his accomplishment.

Sighting in the rifle also allowed me to check the progress of our new German Shorthaired Pointer, Juliet, in relation to gun shyness.  I held the dog about 80 yards back behind William, as he fired the 22-250 multiple times.  I moved her a little closer each time, noting her reaction, which was never more than an alert awareness of the sound, and a desire to run in the direction of the gunfire.  I learned that our new pup is definitely not going to be gun shy.

Our adventure culminated in the Modoc National Forest, which is a place adorned with various monuments reminiscent of ancient volcanic activity.  My Son was truly in his element, as you can see in the video.  I learned that by letting my Son realize his strengths, I was also strengthening his love for the great outdoors.

As we were driving home, and I looked over at my sleeping boy, it suddenly occurred to me;  my Son was a true gift from Heaven, and the light that radiates from him, brings out the very best qualities in me.  Hearing my Son tell me, “Dad, this is the greatest trip ever”!, opened my eyes to many possibilities for future adventures with my Boy!

As I said earlier, I really learned a lot on this Journey!

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