After using this recipe for years, and making changes to it, perfecting it, I’m taking credit for it!  As mentioned in the video, I have made this recipe for many non-hunters, who raved about it. It is extremely low carb, and extremely rich!   Here is the full recipe for 4 people:



4 large venison round steaks, or elk loin chops

4 slices of bacon

1 large onion (chopped)

1/2 cup beef bouillion

1/2 cup red wine *(for Paleo recipe, skip the wine, and double the bouillion)

1 14 oz can of stewed tomatoes, drained

1 8 oz can mushrooms

1 cup sour cream  *(for Paleo recipe, substitute 1 can coconut milk, chilled, with a little lemon juice, whisk in a little coconut flour, stir in with pan reduction, simmer and thicken)


Trim all fat and white matter from chops.  Then, marinate and chill.

To make the marinade:  Combine 1/2 cup olive oil from sun dried tomates with 1/4 cup balsalmic vinegar.  Add one teaspoon crushed black pepper.  Whisk until creamy.

Another marinade variation: place chops in buttermilk, and refrigerate overnight.

After chops have been sufficiently marinated, remove from marinade, and rinse clean and pat dry.  In a high sided skillet, cook bacon until done.  Eat the bacon now, you’re probably getting hungry!

Over medium heat, sear the chops in the bacon grease on both sides, and then add the onions, and cook until clear.  Add tomatoes, wine, and bouillion, reduce heat, and slowly simmer until the meat can be cut with a spoon (usually about 2 to 3 hours).  Carefully remove the steaks, and place them on a plate in a warm oven.

Add sour cream and mushrooms to the “stuff” (reduction)  left in the pan, stir to create a thick sauce, and heat through.  Salt and pepper to taste, pour over the steaks, and serve!

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