Archery elk hunting has been a passion of mine for many years now, and I have learned a lot of calling techniques and strategies along the way.

Jay Scott is a hunting guide in Arizona, who has great luck calling in record class bulls, as you can see in the video.  Using the diaphragm is a method that turkey hunters find quite easy, and it has the beauty of keeping your hands free.  You can stop a bull elk in his tracks with a diaphragm call, without making a move!

I like the single reed calls also, they seem to have more versatility.  You can use them solo, or with a bugle tube.  The key to the low note that follows the cow call, is to drop the jaw at the end of the calling sequence.  This is the trickiest part of making a cow call sound realistic with a diaphragm call.

Practice in your spare time using the diaphragm, I like to practice when I am driving back and forth to work.  You will soon become an accomplished elk caller, using the techniques shown in this video.

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