Sometimes, when you are backpacking, and using a bivy camp, you get tired of freeze dried food.  If it is legal to kill small game, it is hard to beat a grouse, squirrel, or rabbit, cooked on a spit over an open fire!

I especially enjoy roasting grouse.  If you are way into a wilderness area, grouse act very stupid.  They are easy to kill.  Another animal that is very easy to kill is a porcupine, but I have personally never eaten one.  Grouse can be a great survival food.

It may be worth it to take some salt and pepper with you when hunting wilderness areas, it is light, and you can use the salt to treat heat exhaustion.  In the case of grouse, find a creek or spring if possible, skin and gut the bird, and wash out the inside.  Rub salt and pepper generously all over the inside and outside of the bird, and skewer it through the legs and breast, as shown in the video.  Take your time, roast the bird slowly.  It will be worth the wait!

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