This is one of the hunts that I hope to have someday.  To hunt Bighorn Sheep with a bow, you really have to get in “sheep shape“!  You can see by the video that it is quite a physical feat to get the drop on an animal such as this, they are not going to hang out in an easily accessible area.

One thing that amazes me in the video, is the amount of motion that the shooter gets away with when he draws on the sheep.  I have a close friend who hunted sheep in Colorado several years ago, and almost every ambush was blown when he tried to draw his bow, it seems that Bighorn Sheep have pretty amazing peripheral vision.

Personally, I would not attempt such a hunt with my SLIP System for several reasons; the advantage of the trekking pole when working my way up and down scree slopes, and the advantage of frontal cover to draw my bow on an ambush setup.

Best of luck to you if you are lucky enough to hunt these amazing animals with a bow!

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