I chose the Badlands Superday Pack as my hunting pack, because of several reasons.  First and foremost, Badlands has the best warranty in the industry, they will repair your pack for free for life, no matter what happens to it!

Another reason I chose the Superday is because of the way I like to hunt.  I prefer to pack in an external frame pack, for hauling out meat when hunting big game.  The superday attaches easily to my external frame, but I can also remove it after I set up my camp gear, and use it for day hunts.  It has nearly a 2000 cubic inch capacity, which is about 2/3 the size of  a large pack.  But, I can put clothes and other items in dry sacks, and lash them to the external frame, so I really only need a large day pack to contain most of my gear that I am going to use.

For a day pack, it has a lot of great features, to include some large side pockets for my binos and my water bottle.  You can easily adapt a water bladder into the pack if you prefer to hunt with one, personally, I just carry a nalgene bottle, that I use with my Steripen.

If you are considering a hunting pack, the Superday can provide a lot of options, for a decent price.

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